Tasso Hostel 5 Year Anniversary Party con Coqo DJ -Ghetto Divas

Ballare | Festa - Evento inserito da elena

Indirizzo: 15 Via Villani, 50123

Data: Venerdì 29 Dicembre 20:00 - Sabato 30 Dicembre 13:00


Ultimo venerdì del 2017 in compagnia di Coqò e soprattutto grandi festeggiamenti per il Compleanno del Tasso Hostel. Spegneremo 5 candeline a suon di musica.
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Tasso 5 Year Anniversary PARTY with Our Beloved Coqo DJ

Established 2012 thats what we wrote on our logo when the hostel came up, we did not know how anything worked, or how it operated. We knew one thing, we loved people and we loved making them happy and we loved to Party. The dream of Tasso could have never happened with out the support and passion of its clients, collaborators and musicians and artists as well as the traveler that appreciated our dream.

5 years have passed and so many parties and memories have happened inside these walls. We have made new friends and danced with people who were first strangers.

So Tonight ! We intend to really Party as 5 years is a great accomplishment to have a place like Tasso become a place where people find comfort and home.

Music: World music, funk, disco e retro deluxe

Aperitivo alle 8 pm
DJ set alle 10:30 pm

a partire dalle 22:30 in poi l'ingresso sarà 10€ con consumazione.
Vi raccomandiamo pertanto di arrivare presto.

COQO’ soundcloud.com/coq-dj
DJ CALZINO www.facebook.com/djcalzino/
TEALDI www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100009921635038

English :

Aperitives at 8 pm
DJ set at 10:30 pm

We would like to remind our clients to come early, past 10:30 pm Tasso will have an entrance fee with drink included, priced at 10 € euros per person. Thank you for your cooperation.

The Italian DJ Selecter Coqò, Opens her bag of disks in order to create new worlds with dusty Vinyls.

Eclectic, Refined and with a dressy taste, She developed such a versatility to music, that it brings her to the stage of hip hop jams, Vintage sounds, Particular Parties and Funky Festivals.

She is feminine, sensual and even ironic. She Loves to amaze the audience and especially loves amazing herself. Telling a different story every time. This evening is dedicated to long life and luxury, come in your best SPA outfit and get entrance free a towel on your head or a bathrobe, face masks and creams. As we Cheers to long and healthy life.

Come over and let her take you on a Musical Ride .
For more information click on:


We would like to advise our clients that people not in costume will be charged entrance of ( 10 € with drink included.) after 10:30

Info e prenotazioni: lorenzo 3383175943 / 0550602087

Per maggiori informazioni: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=782522005256298


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