Skills for Hands Free Storytelling: Speak Live Without a Script

Concerto - Evento inserito da elena

Indirizzo: Via Maggio 16, Florence

Data: lunedì 29 aprile 16:00 - 19:00


Put down your notes, your script, your text, and learn to speak directly to an audience. When your hands are free, your presence opens up and you can really make a connection.

In this workshop, we focus on conquering the fear of being seen. Of letting yourself having a voice. Learn strategies for dealing with nerves, warm-ups and exercises for the voice, and, vitally, how to plot your talk in simple ways that keep you on track without using notes. You'll learn what makes a story successful, without needing to look down and read off a page. We'll workshop the strategies on the floor, share feedback, and support each other in taking risks.

The perfect preparation for the new open mic series, Pulpit, a part of the St Mark's Cultural Association Program. An event with two rules: a time limit and no notes allowed.

Bring: A story, speech, text you are working on, or just an idea for something you'd like to talk about in public. Pen and paper to take notes. Wear comfortable clothes.

By Donation: 35 euro

Sign Up: Spaces are limited so send an email to to register your place.

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