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Live Music - Cocktail Bar - Birreria
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Nome: Be Bop

Indirizzo: via dei Servi 76c r , Firenze - Centro Storico



Il Be Bop un locale storico, vicino al Duomo e vicino a Piazza San Marco in Via dei Servi 76c r, guardando la Cattedrale del Duomo proseguire a sinistra e costeggiare il Duomo e non alla prima, ma alla seconda strada girare a destra e percorrere 100m ca e sulla vostra destra troverete il Be Bop.

La sua particolaritla musica dal vivo e i suoi Cocktails e la possibilitdi degustare ottima birra tedesca, aperto anche in estate grazie alla confortevole aria condizionata presente, chiuso la Domenica. L'ingresso libero.

Ogni Martedsera da pidi 10 anni c'la Beatles Night con i Vox Power.


If you are one of the many tourists or Florentines that attend the weekly Tuesday night Beatles cover band at Be Bop, you know you are in for quite a night. The club sports vintage posters of old school bands, such as The Beatles and Bob Dylan on the walls and displays vintage guitars in glass cases towards the back of the bar, where locals can come sip their drinks and rock out to the nights tunes. The bar offers daily specials on drinks and shots and if you’re lucky enough to get a seat in this hot house, the there are small tables arranged throughout the club.

The band came on around 11 and the place was already jammed packed a forty five minutes prior. People were bunched together sitting and standing against tables and walls but once the band came on, no one seemed to mind the pushing and shoving to get to and from the bar. VoxPower belted out all of The Beatles famous hits including, “A Hard Days Night”, “Money (That’s What I Want)”,”Can’t Buy Me Love”, “Hide your Love Away” “I Want to Hold your Hand”, “Love Me Do” and “Twist and Shout”, this included with commentary on the side regarding the era and album the songs came off of. 

The band took a short break and continued to rock on until about 1 AM and even then, the audience was still extremely energetic singing and dancing the whole night. The band usually plays every Tuesday night so if you’re a big Beatles fan and don’t mind the crowds and teens boppin’ around until the early hours of the night, then Be Bop is worth paying a visit to, to listen to some great live music that just may make you feel like you’re back in the 1960’s.


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