The Secret/ Svlfvr / Dragnet / Cycle VI @IlContro - Prato

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Indirizzo: Via Dino Saccenti 33 , Prato

Data: sabato 22 dicembre 2018


Evento Fb :

Sabato 22 Dicembre al 'Contro' di Prato:

Dopo 6 anni di attesa,tornano con 'Lux Tenebris' i grandissimi 'THE SECRET'.


Open doors ore 21.00

Dalle ore 21.30:

CYCLE VI (Debut - Melodic Death/Thrash Metal)

Dragnet -Grind- (Old School Death/Grind)

Svlfvr(Oniric Black Doom)

Guest Tba

The Secret

Ingresso Euro 10

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(Quota associativa annuale tessera Euro 5)

The Secret - Southern Lord Recordings

Vicious Italian cult THE SECRET returns in 2018, with new live performances as well as the impending release of their first new
material in six years. THE SECRET ends the extensive period of decay since their 2012-released Agnus Dei LP, emerging with their first studio material in almost six years. Following three years without communication between members, the band regrouped under the same roof for the first time since 2015 to record Lux Tenebris, a three-song act in sonic exploration of the theme of the sepulchre. The twenty-minute Lux Tenebris EP sees THE SECRET abandoning the minimalistic approach of the previous two albums, the band expanding its sound by adding more layered and textural guitar work to the primordial destructive aggression that distinguished the Solve Et Coagula andAgnus Dei LPs. While still physical and confrontational, these songs show no concern for mortality and forget time and decay, creating new room for resonation and atmosphere. Lux Tenebris is an ode to the eternal night suspended beyond life and death. The signature sound of the band is pushed to its extreme by further developing the black metal and doom influences reminiscent of Southern Lord mid-2000s catalog, showcasing THE SECRET as one of Italy’s undeniably darkest bands in existence once again. Lux Tenebris was recorded by Steve Scanu and mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege and completed with a cover illustration and layout by View From The Coffin. Southern Lord will issue THE SECRET’s Lux Tenebris as part of the label’s special twentieth anniversary subscription series on August 31st with a small portion of the pressing to be available via label direct mailorder. The 12” vinyl pressing bears the three tracks on the A-side, with a silkscreened B-side; the EP will also be released on all digital platforms.


SVLFVR is a Doom Metal band with extreme metal influences formed in 2011 by Morcar (ex-Funeral Marmoori) on bass, Dionysos (Rexor) on vocals, Asmodeus (Rexor) on guitar and Black Wizard (Domine, ex-Necromass) on drums. The first Proof of this unholy communion is the ‘Seeding The Astral Mark’ EP, released in spring 2012 and containing five songs. After some line-up changes, culminating with the addition of Poseidon on drums an Vrolok LaVey on bass, Svlfvr started working on some new songs, giving more space to the black metal vein and influences coming from other musical genres. The result is ‘Shamanic Lvnar Cvult’, an introspective journey into the darkest corners of the musician’s minds. Stylistically speaking, the album is perfectly balanced between mellow arpeggios and intense rhythms, extreme parts and clean vocals in a classic doom vein. The lyrical themes are inspired by personal experiences, reflections on death and natural cycles, suicide and the role of humans in the cosmos. However, the real common theme is transcendence, or the detached observation of the dynamics of the universe, the acceptance of good and evil as parts of a whole, the creation of good from evil and vice versa. These themes strongly influence the music, designed to transport the listeners out of their bodies and into a mystical and transcendental experience.

Il Contro (Ex Riff, Ex Controsenso)
Via Dino Saccenti 33 - Prato
Di fronte al Palazzetto dello Sport di Maliseti

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