Blacklite Records Official Label Party [Toscana]

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Indirizzo: Via Francesco Petrarca 180, Calenzano

Data: sabato 16 febbraio 22:00


Quarion Tribe è lieta di ospitare per la prima volta in Toscana l'etichetta discografica italiana Blacklite Records.
Fondata nel 2010 da Alessandro aka Nukleall ed ormai conosciuta in tutto il globo, ha fatto scatenare tutte le migliori Dancefloor psichedeliche!!
Sarà una notte all'insegna della qualità musicale e della buona vibra, e noi tutti vi diamo il benvenuto.
Non Mancate!!!!

.......::::::: LIVE ACT :::::::.......

∆∆ M-THEORY (Blacklite Records)

M-THEORY features a distinctive and fat kick and bass sound with tight rhythms and quirky loops delivering a unique psychedelic groove. This psytrance project has been constantly evolving and is finding ever more ways to express its maverick sound musically.
M-THEORY has produced a full studio album and several EPs, remixes and tracks on a number of established labels such as Digital OM, BMSS, Blacklite, Grasshopper, Antu, Free-Spirit, Profound and Alchemy. He has played at some of the leading festivals around the world like Boom, Ozora, Universo Paralello, Antaris, Fusion, The Experience, Indian Spirit, Shankra and Sonica, as well as in club nights across Europe and at London underground parties. He has worked with prominent names in the scene including Zen Mechanics, Sonic Species, Pixel, Rinkadink, Burn In Noise, Earthling, Outsiders and Hypnocoustics. He has also remixed tracks by the likes of Avalon, Gaudi, ManMadeMan and Cosmosis.

∆∆ OFFLABEL (Blacklite Records)

Tony Vallini is the man behind the Psytrance sound project called OffLabel.
He started DJing at a young age. When he was 16, in 1995, he won a DJ contest and earned first place in mixing. Always being keen on experimention, he also mixes with three tourntables. To date Tony has played in many Italian clubs together with djs and producers like James Holden, Ben Sims, Pig & Dan and many more.
Producer since 2007, his tracks have been released on InMinimax Records, 303 Lovers, Prosthetic Pressings and have been recognized and played by Len Faki, DJ Spartaque, Chris Fortier, Umek, Matt Darey. He has also reached the Beatport’s Techno Top Ten list several times.
From 2011 Tony leaves the techno scene for a more worked Trance sound and by the pseudonym “OffLabel” on Ovnimoon Records, his trip eventually lands on the PsyTrance Scene.
At the beginning of this new adventure, his sound was characterized by an underground and evocative cut, with melodies, chants and tribal contamination, breakdowns and atmospheres. It gave off pure energy and wellness, showing a remarkable vision of Psychedelic Trance music for a tripping dancefloor experience.
In 2018 he joined the well known Blacklite Records family, after a radical change of his style. More psychedelic sounds, deeper basslines, acid synths and of course a strong BPMs increase, in agreement with the new trend of the label.
On stage OffLabel provides a Live Set together with many atmos fx and sound that he is creating on the spot. A very involving show with a powerful music vibration. Try it to believe it!
Tony often says: “I am driven by the desire to share music and don’t worry, until you are here, I will be there with you playing Music..........Let’s Go!!

∆∆ GOOD FELLAS (Blacklite Records)

GOOD FELLAS is an italian project born in 2014 by Enrico Roncato aka Mr. Trip, in psytrance scene since 12 years and Tommaso Pellegrini, musician and composer from various musical experiences. In 2014 they produced their first EP under Artrance Records and 3 on “Magma Records” in the following years, as well as some tracks with Dust and Vibe Tribe. After this, in 2016, they started an important collaboration with Vibe Tribe and Bizzare Contact’s label “Mainstage Records” . Their energy and passion had immediately become well known all over Europe: they played in principal parties and festivals in Germany, Austria, Hungary, Switzerland, France, Spain and Italy of course. GOOD FELLAS music is a fusion of sounds coming from the progressive trance, evolved into a powerful mix of fullon and underground frequencies, with groovy bassline and acid synths sounds. From december 2017 the duo become part of Blacklite Records Family.

.......::::::: DJ SET :::::::.......

DORO (Blacklite Records)

Doro is a full power psytrance DJ hailing from Italy. Born in Padua in 1988, he has been passionately involved with the psytrance scene since 2004. It was love from the start and from that very
beginning there was no turning away from the music and vibe that is trance. One year later he bought his first consolle and together with his two best friends and DJ’s Ilai and Acid Mind formed the
Davya Crew. In 2007 Davya Crew started creating parties and with their growing recognition also playing around Italy often alongside major international artists such as Tristan, Rinkadink, Atomic
Pulse, Quantum, AMD, Painkiller and many others. As a DJ, Doro has become known for his powerful basslines and blasting tracks which alternate between hard grooves and crowd jumping
pieces. In 2015 he met Astralex and joined the 24/7 Records label and today he is now a Blackliter and member of the Blacklite Records family

DODO 3 (Quarion Tribe)

Edoardo Bordoni a.k.a. Dodo3 borns in Florence in 1988, age 14 he moves to Marche and there his psytrance experience gets started. In 2004, with some friends, Quarion Tribe is created and
begins organizing parties into the woods of central italy, initating too a protest against the attack to local environment, occupying abandoned motorways to show his disappoint for the extreme
mistreatment and consumerism around the local cave. Next year, with Mental and Mik3l, he organizes the first edition of "Libereuforie" in his mountain cottage. Due to this party an underground
movement starts in the area leading a lot of djs and producers from Italy and all over to join…between the others Rinkadink, Lamat, Bitkit, Digicult, Parasense, Mad Max, Conwerter , Lunarave, Emov,
Sunday Light…
Dodo3 grows his historical psychedelic music culture playing dj sets, both on vinyl and cds, about psytrance with no compromises, varying between different styles with pleasure. He played in the
best italian events as well as in Spain, UK, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Turkey, Swiss.
During winter 2006, with no possibility for open air, thanks to local people supporting the movement, he begins making indoor parties at Verve Club, a 30 years old alternative club nearby town of
Pesaro. About ten years later later, Verve is still the reference point for winter club psychedelic parties in italy. Theese years, Quarion collaborated with crews like Orbital Tribe, Believe, Evolution,
labels like Harmonia, Free Spirit, Dacru, Bhooteshwara, festivals like Ayata, Dodo3 Novas incident, Sonica, Blackmoon, Human evolution.

......:::::: LOCATION :::::::.......

Il Cycle è Club situato alle porte di Firenze, precisamente a Calenzano.
Ha una buona acustica e la sensazione del suono è davvero piacevole; lo staff è molto accogliente e gentile, ed entrando si percepisce subito la situazione intima.
Dalla A1 all'uscita calenzano si arriva agili in 10 Minuti!

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Per Favore aiutaci a promuovere il nostro evento, clicca su invita amici oppure condividi l'evento, la tua energia è la nostra vita.

Porta solo buone vibrazioni, esci di casa col sorriso e la voglia di ballare e condividere buone vibrazioni, ritorna a casa felice, e se sei stanco non guidare.



INFOLINE :3442004076

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